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Shouts to:

Everyone at the Silver Gull Beach Club:
SFIM, Paula, Jessica, Nicole
The Hang Out Crew: Jessica, Poe, Ray, Eric, Nick, Mike, George, Jeremy


Me at my Sweet 16 on May 29, 1998
Me Again!!!!!

This is my new puppy, Wonton!

Here are two more of me
This is me as a baby!
Me as a little baby, POOH!!!!
Me in my dancing school days!
This is me in during my dancing school days!


Selena City is my Selena web page. It first came out on April 1st 1998 and has been doing really great. It even hit the 10,000 hit mark in less than a year on December 15, 1998. I would like to thank Vince for his help with lots of my html that I can never figure out, CJ for this support and all his help with everything, Justin for his help with my music page and for being so funny and such a good friend, but most of all I have to thank every Selena fan for their support. I wouldn't be able to make and maintain a page like this without everyone's help. To visit Selena City, go to Everyone please sign my guestbook and tell me whatcha think.


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