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Selena Quintanilla was born on April 16, 1971 to Abraham and Marcella Quintanilla in Lake Jackson, Texas. After learning that she had much singing talent, her father began to teach her how to sing in Spanish. Her older sister Suzette already knew how to play the drums and her older brother A.B. knew how to play the guitar. Together they formed a family band. They named it "Selena y Los Dinos". They made their first recording in 1984 when Selena was just twelve years old. Slowly they started to become famous. Selena y Los Dinos made their first hit album in 1986. That year Selena won "Female Vocalist of the Year" and "Performer of the Year" at the Tejano Music Awards.
In 1992, Selena and Los Dino's guitarrist Chris Perez eloped after her father had forbid them to see each other. Her family later welcomed him into the family.
Later she opened "Selena Etc.", two fashion boutiques located in Texas. Her outstanding concerts and new boutiques attracted many fans, including Yolanda Saldivar who later became her fan club president.
In 1994, Selena won a Grammy for "Best Mexican/American Ablum" for her album "Selena: Live". It was her first time ever being nominated for a Grammy.
Selena then signed a major world wide English-language crossover album recording contract. "Dreaming of You", which was released in 1995, was the only completed album.
In February of 1995, Selena held a record breaking concert at the Houston Astrodome where over 61,000 fans attended. After the concert, Selena and her father discovered that Yolanda Saldivar had been embezzling funds from her boutiques. Selena went to the hotel at which Yolanda was staying to see if she had recovered the missing documents. It was said that the two women argued loudly and Yolanda pulled out a handgun and shot Selena as she was leaving. Selena ran to the hotel's lobby where a worker made the 911 call. A badly bleeding Selena was rushed to Memorial Hospital in Corpus Christi, but unfortunately could not survive the mass amounts of blood she had lost. She died March 31, 1995 at 1:05pm.
Although she can no longer sing to us, we must all believe she is singing to all the other angels in heaven.

1998 by Amanda
Owner of Selena City