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**Selena lived in a modest home in the barrio
**Selena had 5 dogs
**Selena had a pet python
**Selena loved Pizza Hut's thin crust double pepperoni pizza
**Selena lived on Whataburgers
**Selena had a red Porsche
**Selena is the fastest selling female artist ever
**Selena's favorite flowers were long stemmed white roses
**Selena's favorite colors were purple and black
**Selena went bungee jumping on a dare
**Selena had a collection of over 500 faberge eggs
**Selena's personal favorite songs were "Amor Prohibido" and "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom"
**Selena was featured in the 1999 Guiness Book of World Records as most dominant artist
**"Amor Prohibido" was about Selena's grandparents
**If Selena were a boy, she would have been named "Marc Antony"
**Selena got her name from the woman next door who was supposed to have a girl. Marcela was supposed to have a boy
**When Selena was in 1st grade, she was caught swirling her dress too high from a dare from a friend
**Selena's first publicist was Ramon Herrera
**Selena came on "Dos Mujeres, Un Camino", a spanish telenovela
**Selena was a Coca-Cola spokeperson since 1989
**When Selena Y Los Dinos first started out, the Quintanilla's made lights out of peach cans
**Selena loved to eat at the Olive Garden and shop at Wal-Mart and PayLess Shoe Source
**Selena would often ask kids from the barrio to help her with yarkwork, then fix them lunch afterwards
**Selena's estate was an estimated $500,000,000 right before her death
**After every performance Selena would ask her dad "How'd I do?"
**Selena once ran over a rabbit and paid $300 to save it
**Selena saw an elderly woman in an Olive Garden in March of 1995 and anonymously paid for her meal
**Selena once filled an oreo cookie and offered it to La Mafia but instead her dad ate it and said "Hey, there cookie are good, they taste kinda minty"
**Once on an airplane, Selena grabbed the mike and started joking with the passengers
**Once during a performance with La Mafia, Selena blacked out her front teeth but only Oscar could see it
**Selena had a black polmeranian named Pebbles
**Selena had a black BMW before her Porsche but it was stolen and found at sea. She got the red Porsche to replace it
**Selena wore contacts
**Selena's measurements were 34-24-36
**Selena had an aquarium headboard
**Selena had a motorcycle
**Selena's 2nd performance at the Houston Astrodome was on Febreuary 28, 1994 with a crowd of 60,000
**Selena Etc. in Corpus Christi opened on January 27, 1994
**Selena signed with SBK Records in 1993
**Selena recorded "Selena: Live" at the Corpus Christi Memorial Colusieum on February 7, 1993
**The music video for "La Llamada" was shot in Long Beach, California
**The music video for "Amor Prohibido" was shot in Joshua Tree, California
**In the "Amor Prohibido" music video, Selena wore Chris's dress shirts
**Selena was self-conscious about the scars on her legs
**Selena wasn't able to be part of the cast of "Dos Mujeres, Un Camino" because Erik Estrada had a problem with her being his wife
**In 1994, Selena celebrated 5 years with Coca-Cola and to commemorate it, they put out a Selena Coca-Cola bottle marking "Cinco Años Contigo". 4,900 cases were produced and distributed
**Selena was a D.A.R.E spokesperson
**Selena was a spokesperson for battered women
**Selena was a representative for Southwestern Bell's Call Notes voice mail
**The person who wrote Selena's song "Where Did The Feeling Go" also wrote Trisha Yearwood's song "How Do I Live"
**The song No Me Queda Más was written by Ricky Vela about Suzette. He has a crush on her, but she met her now husband Billy, and that's when he wrote the song


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