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A new Selena album has been released. It is entitled Sus Inicios (Early Years). You can buy it now from CD Now. Also, the soundtrack to the still unreleased 1995 Astrodome concert VHS can be preordered. Tentitive release date is March 27, 2001.

"Selena Forever" The Musical has been cancelled until further notice due to lose of money after having to cancel an important performance at a Los Angeles venue. Everyone is hoping the musical will reopen, due to its rave reviews and limited amount of completed performances. More info when it becomes available.

According to a spanish new program, Yolanda Saldívar, Selena's convicted killer, is coming out with her own tell all book. No news on exactly when it is going to be released for all the public to read, but it will probably be before the year is over. My prediction is sales are going to be high, only because people want to hear what kind of bull she's saying now, but I think the book in general won't be on the New York Times best sellers list if ya know what I mean. I just think the curious are gonna buy it to see what she has to say.

Selena's newly released album "All My Hits/Todos Mis Exitos Vol. 2" has a debut position on Billboard's Top 50 Latin Albums at #3.

Selena's "All My Hits/Todos Mis Exitos Vol. 2" is at #3 on Billboard's Top 50 Latin Albums for the 3rd week in a row, since it has been released. Selena's All My Hits/Todos Mis Exitos (Vol. 1) is also on the charts this week at #24. Last week it was #23. It has been on the charts for 55 weeks. Her brother AB's band, AB Quintanilla Y Los Kumbia Kings, and their album "Amor, Familia, Y Respecto...", is at #8 this week. They have been on the charts since their release 52 weeks ago. They are up from #9 last week. Their peak position was at #6.

Selena's newly released album "All My Hits/Todos Mis Exitos Vol. 2" has a debut position on Billboard's Top 50 Latin Albums at #3.

Follow up news to Suzette being pregnant....after 6 months, she had a miscarriage.

The new Selena album "All My Hits/Todos Mis Exitos Vol. 2" will be released on February 29, 2000. It can be preordered now from CD Now. A track listing and the beautiful cover art are also available now.

Suzette is pregnant with her second child. No further info as of now.

"Selena Forever" the musical has a tentitive opening date of March 24, 2000 in San Antonio, TX.

The new Q-Productions website is up and running. Many sections are still under construction, but it's a nice change with a lot of cool, new sections.

The new and long awaited Houston Astrodome finally has a release date of April 28, 2000. Again, it will contain the 1995 Houston Astrodome concert as well as some behind the scenes clips of the movie "Selena".

Last week EMI Latin and Q-Productions released a new video called "All My Hits/Todos Mis Exitos" (like the last album). It has 15 of Selena's music videos. You can buy it for $14.99 at

CD Universe has just posted that a new Selena video, called "All My Hits-Todos Mis Exitos", will be released on Friday, October 29. No information on what is on the tape. You can pre-order it now for $14.07 plus shipping at

Suzette, Selena's sister, recently opened a children's clothing store in downtown Corpus Christi. The name of the store is Moonchild. It sells name brand children's clothing.

On Friday, August 20 at 4pm-5pm on Univision, Cristina will be having a 4 years later special on Selena, showing her first appearance on the show, and the shows leading after her death. You can visit the Cristina website at

On July 1st, a new book by Veda Boyd Jones called "Selena" will be hitting bookstores. Word is if you want it, you better reserve your copy quick!

On PBS on July 13th, an independent film called "Corpus: A Home Movie For Selena" will be airing. It's a one hour special. Check your local listing for times.

Inside word is that the Quintanilla's are trying to release the original 4 hour long Selena movie as a mini-series on tv. The original 4 hour film included Suzette's wedding, AB's kids, and so much more. More info on this when it becomes available.

Selena's album "All My Hits/Todos Mis Exitos has gone gold (sold 500,000 albums).

Selena's siter Suzette, as well as Jennifer Lopez are in the new March 1999 issue of Latina magazine. Chris, Selena's husband is in the new February 1999 issue of Cristina magazine. Pick them up today!

The new Selena album intitled All My Hits/Todos Mis Exitos can now be pre ordered at CD Now. There is a link on my frontpage to get to it. It is on sale now, so hurry up and order it. It is limited edition. Only a few hundred thousand of them are being producted. It is coming with a commemorative rose pin.

Word has just gone out that the new Selena album, Exitos Del Recuerdos, is not going to be released anytime soon. Production has stopped on the album and there is no information on when any new album will be released

In an AOL interview with Jon Seda, who played Selena's husband Chris in the movie, he released that his now good friend Chris and his fiance just had a baby last week . All that is known about the baby is that it was a girl and it was just 6lbs. 14oz. No one knows her name or the mother's name. More info when it comes!

The new Selena 1999 calendars have just been added to the Selena Etc. website! The price is $8.95. You can visit the site at

On December 2 on A&E, there will be an episode of American Justice featuring Selena. Check your local listings for times in your area.

News just came in that the name of the new Selena album, coming out early next year, has been released. It is going to be called "Exitos Del Recuerdos". Personally, I would have picked a better name. They already have 2 albums named "Exitos Y Recuerdos". They could have been more creative!

The new 1999 Selena Calendars are now on sale!!!!

News on the new 1999 Selena Calendars. They are said to be coming out the last week of November.

News on the new album. I've now heard it's going to come out in January 1999 instead of on April 16. It's not official yet, however.

Selena Etc. has a new chat room. You can go to it at

Selena's tour bus, "Big Bertha", allegedly never belonged to the Quintanilla family. It was a loan from Julio Ceasar Geraldo and it was supposed to be returned in 1996. His plans are to take the Quintanilla's to court to claim back his property. Geraldo also says Mr. Quintanilla made changes on the bus for the movie "Selena" without his permission. More on this story as it develops.

Yolanda Saldivar, Selena's convicted killer, has requested a new trial. The Texas Court of Appeals has rejected her request.

Selena's image will be featured on Tony Pedregon's race car. You can see him racing the car on October 29-31 in the MATCO Tools Supernationals and on November 12-15 in the Winston Finals. A small scale replica of the car 1/24 and 1/64 will be issued in limited numbers.

Selena's fashions have been doing so well at JC Penney's and at Sears that they are expanding from 50 stores to 160 stores nationwide. Sears has also ordered childrens sizes for the back to school season.

Stage costumes and memorabilia from Selena will have a permanent home in the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. It was confirmed Tuesday by the Quintanilla family that they are donating a black leather outfit.

The Hard Rock Cafe has come out with a second limited addition pin to commemorate the life of Selena. The first pin came out last year. More than $28,000 was raised for the Selena Foundation through the sale of the first pin. They are now on sale in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Miami. Hurry up and get them...don't forget it's limited edition!

There will be a new Selena home video released, sometime in the Fall of this year. It will have the full version of the 1995 Houston Astrodome Concert (her most remembered and requested concert) as well as a behind the sceens look at the movie "Selena".

Jennifer Lopez, featured in this months "Shape" magazine announces her soon to be released new album. She says she might dedicate it (the whole thing or maybe just one song) to Selena. It will contain pop music will some latin flavor! It is due to be released in January 1999.

Selena's brother A.B. has just signed with Sony Records. His new band is called "The Kumbia Kings"!

Jennifer Lopez was on Sevcec today, and she talked about how portraying Selena was a chance of a lifetime, and that she will never have an oppurtunity like that again. She also said that the movie inspired her to sing, which had been a dream of hers, and she has 5 or 6 songs done for an upcoming album.

Selena's fashions were featured today on New York's Channel 7 Eyewitness News. They showed what some of the clothes looked like and told everyone how good they are doing in stores so far.

I am proud to announce that this is the first site to announce this!!!! Insiders tell me that Q-Productions is planning to put out another Selena album, due out on April 16, 1999, the 4th anniversary of her death. I haven't gotten info yet on what will be on the albums...more when more comes!

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