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Below are a list of Selena/Latin phone cards. The prices already include shipping. Please e-mail me at with any questions or your orders. Please print out order form and send it with your order. All forms of payment are excepted. Checks must clear before phone cards can be sent out.

SC0001 ($25.00) - $20.00 Selena Phone Card
SC0002 ($15.00) - $10.00 Selena Phone Card
SC0003 ($10.00) - $5.00 Jennifer Peņa Phone Card
SC0004 ($10.00) - $5.00 Pete Astudillo Phone Card
SC0005 ($10.00) - $5.00 Maya Phone Card
SC0006 ($10.00) - $5.00 Lobo IV Phone Cards
SC0007 ($10.00) - $5.00 Unison Phone Card

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