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A Queen
A queen is someone special
She is beautiful any way you look at her
She has her own mind
Her own style
And her own way of making people smile

Selena was the queen of all queens
She ruled over the tejano world
But her reign was cut short
The queen of tejano music is dead

Now, 3 years later we still ask why?
Why would anyone do this to her?
A sweet and gentle flower

She will always be known as the queen
Not only of tejano
But of my heart, mind, and soul

She will always have a special place
In the hearts of all her fans
Siempre Viva Selena!

By: Amanda

Her memory so precious
Selena was her name
She died yet still with fame
We work to keep her memory living
Because of course she was so giving
But now until today
In peace forever shall she lay
But we can keep her memory still what it has always been
So loving
So precious
And filled with grins
So when you think of Selena
Remember that her memory is this:
So loving, so precious, so filled with grins

By: Megan R.

Selena Is Gone
Like a breeze through the trees
Like a word from a bird
Her voice would shine like nobody had ever heard

Selena was the queen since the date of her birth
Now she must rock the heavens like she did the earth

Now she is gone
Even though it is so hard to think so
She has gone to where no living soul could go

Her legend will live on till the end of time
Her voice will sing and her smile will shine

So never forget our tejano queen
Keep her memory the way it has been

By: Amanda

Selena, Our Treasure
Upon the ship of life
She sparkles like gold and jewels
Her heart and beautiful songs never stop like the ship's ongoing fuels
Her trusted captain threw her overboard when the ship ran out of gas
And all through the boat was silence
The capacity was closing fast
All though the life ship would sink
And the passangers come to think
Down, down, down she floats
Our angel now in peace
Up, up, up goes her soul
We ask why did she leave
No explaining can be done for that
For forgiveness or for fact
The world's most precious treasure still sparkles
In our life and in our dreams
The enchantment of her will always exsist
For Selena is our true bliss

By: Megan R.

You came like a dream at night
With a glow of heavenly light

You symbolized the pureness of a dove
For which we gave you all our love

We hear your beautiful voice
Always filled with poise

We take one more glance
Of your song and dance

You could give so much
With a warm, simple touch

As much as we pray
We can't undo yesterday

You are gone now, but through the sorrow
With your memory, we can face tomorrow

Forever burning in your name
Through an everlasting flame

You left early to become an angel
But with a heartaching farewell

By: Laura Sherman

Daylight breaks as our star was born
And on April 16, no one was forlorn

God has allowed
A special crowd

The crowd is not people
It is but only heart and joy

A remarkable talent is now unleashed
Her singing has pride, feeling, and peace

How people ponder
To see this great wonder

To see how gifted
A person can be lifted

Come to Selena, a miracle on earth
She gave so much by been so lush

So a person with no heart
tore her life apart

Selena shall always be with us
The memory so precious

Viva Selena
Siempre Selena

By: Megan R.

Selena, Forever In Our Hearts
Selena, you live forever in our hearts
Selena, you touched parts of our lives
Selena, we loved the way you sang
Selena, your songs end in such a bang
Selena, we love you and we know you love us too

By: DGonza5975

Selena, Farewell Selena
All through life you had talent
All through life you had pride
All through your life you were gallant
Until so soonly you died
We will never understand it
We will never understand her
For Yolanda Saldivar has her own heart to cure
But when we must leave you
The memory shall stay with us
And the memory so sweet,
So fragile,
So precious

One thing to do
Just for you
For Selena, one thing
One thing so true
We must bid farewell
To her life, so narrow
Farewell, Selena
Farewell, Selena

By: Megan R.

1998 by Amanda
Owner of Selena City