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Anthology Translations

Disk 1 (Pop/English)
Siempre Mio (Always Mine)
I Don't Want To Know (No Quiero Saber)
No Lance Lejos Mi Amor (Don't Throw Away My Love)
La Bamba
Estoy Consiguiendo Utilicé A Ti (I'm Getting Used To You) Remix
I Was The One (Yo Fui Aquella)
Corazon Captivo (Captive Heart)
Love Me (Amame)
Falto Mi Amor (Missing My Baby)
Disco Medley Remix

Disk 2 (Mariachi)
El Ramalazo
Give Me Your Love (Dame Tu Amor)
What Good Is Life (Pa' Que Me Sirve La Vida)
Different (Diferentes)
It's Always Cold (Siempre Hace Frio) What Did You Think? (Qué Creías)
I Want To Be With You (Quiero Estar Contigo)
Fallen Branch (Rama Caida)
You Know (Sabes)
You, Only You (Tu Solo Tu)

Disk 3 (Cumbia)
I Will Give You (Yo Te Dare)
The Door Is Closed (La Puerta Se Cerro)
Little Heart (Corazoncito)
In Love With You (Enamorada De Ti)
Don't Play (No Debes Jugar)
My Affection (Cariño Mio)
The Little Frog Jumps (Salta La Ranita)
I Love You Only You (Te Amo Solo A Ti)
The Phone Call (La Llamada)
Dance This Cumbia (Baila Esta Cumbia)

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