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My Selena Video Collection!

This is my collection of Selena videos including interviews, documentaries, news clips, concerts, live performances, music videos, award ceremonies, as well as in memory specials. Please note, these videos are NOT for sale!

Selena in Concert
Selena: The Movie
1995 Houston Astrodome Concert
Monterrey Mexico 1994
Jalapeño Festival
1994 Far West Rodeo
Amor Prohibido Tour, El Paso County Collesium, August 6, 1994
1991 San Antonio Market Sqaure Concert
Murder Trial Re-enactment
Selena Remembered
Selena: The Final Notes
Selena All My Hits/Todos Mis Exitos on video
1987 7th Tejano Music Awards (full tape)
1991 11th Tejano Music Awards (full tape)
1992 12th Tejano Music Awards (full tape)
1993 13th Tejano Music Awards (full tape)
1994 14th Tejano Music Awards (full tape)
1995 15th Tejano Music Awards (full tape)
Electronic Press Kit: Dreaming of You
"Selena" Movie Trailer
"Dreaming of You" Advertisement Commercial
Coke Commercial
Cristina: Interview with Selena...June 20, 1994
Cristina: Edition Especial - Interview with Selena's Family - "Selena: The Movie"
Cristina: Edition Especial - El Juicio en el Caso de Selena
Cristina: Planeta Luna
Dateline NBC: "Obsession"
Primetime Live: "Selena!"
A&E's American Justice: "Death of A Star"
Channel 6 News (March 31, 1995)
Tejano Country News
Hard Copy: "Selena's Home Videos"
Hard Copy: Selena Trial
Hard Copy: Remembering Selena
Hard Copy: Selena's Long Lost Videos
Noticiero 48 News
Noticiero 48 News: "El Dolor Del Pueblo"
Noticiero 48 News: April 3, 1995
46 Minute News Tribute
ABC Eyewitness News: Selena's Fashions
Selena: The Bittersweet Story
Aqui Y Ahora: Hija De La Luna (Selena Remembered Video)
Primer Impacto: Se Apago Una Estrella
Primer Impacto: Edition Especial - El Eco De Su Voz - April 9, 1996
Primer Impacto: Edicion Especial
Primer Impacto: Recordando A Selena
Ritmo Latino: Especial De Selena
Geraldo: Remembering Selena
Occurio Asi - (2 years after her death)
Occurio Asi - A2000: Adios A Selena
Ocurrio Asi - Siempre Te Recordando
Control: Interview with Selena and the Barrio Boyzz
Sevcec: Selena The Movie (lots of interviews with the cast members)
Entertainment Tonight 1998 Special on Yolanda's VH1 interview
Fuera De Serie: Selena Collection
VH1 Special: Behind The Music
VH1 Special: Music, Tragedy, and Trial
VH1 Video Collection
Onda Max: Nuestras Selena 1
Onda Max: Nuestras Selena 2
Onda Max: Nuestras Selena (no videos)
Estamos En Tejas: In Memory Special 1995
Hollywood Hoy Especial
Galavision Recordando A Selena 1995
Galavision Recordando A Selena 1999
Veronica Recuerda A Selena
Recordando A Selena
Puro Tejano
Lo Mejor Del Festival De La Hispanidad: Acapulco 1994
Selena and the Barrio Boyzz perform "Dondequiera Que Estes": Acapulco 1994
Siempre Selena 1996
Siempre Selena 1997
En Vivo: Lo Mejor Del "En Vivo" - November 4, 1994
Adios Selena: Clips and song "Adios Selena"
Padrisimo: February 1995
Padrisimo: March 1995
Padrisimo Special
Padrisimo Mixed Clips 1995
Padrisimo: Selena: Regresamos.... Selena: Continuamos....
Padrisimo: Recordando A Selena
Padrisimo: Clips from 1993&1995
Un Nuevo Dia: November 3, 1994
Fotos Y Recuerdos
Johnny Canales In Memory Special 1995
Johnny Canales: Recuerdos...
Johnny Canales: 1987 - Selena performs Cuando Nadie Te Quiera"
Johnny Canales: 1987 - Recuerdos.... Selena performs "Quiero"
Johnny Canales: 1992 - Selena performs "Que Creias"
Johnny Canales: 1993 - Selena performs "No Debes Jugar" and "Como La Flor"
Furia Musical Awards 1994: "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom"
Premio Lo Nuestro 1993: "La Llamada"
Premio Lo Nuestro Awards 1995: Selena receives awards
Premio Lo Nuestro Awards 1996: Pete Astudillo performs "Como Te Extraño"
Premio Lo Nuestro Awards 1995: Barrio Boyzz sing "Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday" (in spanish)
1994 Grammy Awards: Selena wins a Grammy for "Selena: Live"
1991 Tejano Music Awards: Selena performs "Where Did The Feeling Go?"
1992 Tejano Music Awards: Selena performs "Ya Ves" for the introduction
1992 Tejano Music Awards: Selena performs "Buenos Amigos"
1993 Tejano Music Awards: Selena performs "Como La Flor"
1993 Tejano Music Awards: Selena performs "Solos Tejanos"
1994 Tejano Music Awards: Selena performs "Dondequiera Que Estes"
1994 Tejano Music Awards: Selena performs "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom"
1995 Tejano Music Awards (Selena's Awards)
1996 Tejano Music Awards (Selena's Awards)
1996 Tejano Music Awards: Pete Astudillo performs "Como Te Extraño"
Music Video: "A Boy Like That"
Music Video: "I'm Getting Used To You"
Music Video: "Last Dance Disco Medley"
Music Video: "I Could Fall In Love"
Music Video: "No Quiero Saber"
Music Video: "Siempre Hace Frio"
Music Video: "La Carcacha"
Music Video: "La Llamada"
Music Video: "Amor Prohibido"
Music Video: "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom"
Music Video: "Tu Solo Tu"
Music Video: "Fotos Y Recuerdos"
Music Video: "Techno Cumbia"
Music Video: "Dreaming of You"
Music Video: "Como Te Extraño (Pete Astudillo)
Music Video: "No Me Queda Mas"
Music Video: "Buenos Amigos" with Alvaro Torres
Music Video: "Dondequiera Que Estes" with the Barrio Boyzz
Music Video: "Missing My Baby"

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